Sciencey LOL of the Week

Science jokes… XD

Why? Because Science.

Funny Science pictures jokesCheesy jokes are just so much more acceptable when it’s a cute animal making them.

Happy Monday y’all!!

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[Re]Inicio de clases

Esto de iniciar nuevo semestre en la universidad es uno de esos momentos que me de verdad me gustan. Claro, sé que no soy el único. Sin embargo, las razones por las cuales me gustan los inicios de semestre (o de año, en la educación básica) son más bien dispares. Por supuesto, la perspectiva de... Seguir leyendo →

Sciencey LOL of the Week

Yeah, God liked it ~_~

Why? Because Science.

unny_science_test_answerI’m almost certain this kid knew the answer and, at the expense of one mark, decided this joke was too good to pass up on.

For those enquiring minds who really do want to know the answer…

Saturn is one of the largest planets in our solar system, in mass and size. It is known as a gassy giant because of its penchant for Mexican cuisine. I’m kidding. Because it is so massive and its gravity so great, that everything from giant space rocks to gass molecules were drawn in towards its centre at the formation of our solar system, approximately 4.5 billion years ago. If Saturn was just a little bit bigger (“a little bit” being an approximation for a whole lot), the intensity of its gravitational pull would have generated the central pressure and heat necessary to initiate nuclear reactions. And THIS would have made Saturn a star!…

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